Cranbrook Conserves began in the kitchen of our Kentish farmhouse in 2002 when I first made strawberry jam using the strawberries from our thirteen-acre farm. This farming heritage has always influenced our recipes because as a rule, we concentrate on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to perfect the flavours we have become known for.

Some recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, others are traditional and historical recipes forgotten over time which we at Cranbrook Conserves have re-created and perfected. Local has always been our core value – if an ingredient is local and tastes good then we will use it and support the local producer. Likewise, we have always focused on selling Cranbrook Conserves products via local community shops – we are made in Kent for Kent. And whilst it is possible to buy jam and occasionally chutney at the supermarket, we challenge you to find Raspberry & Violet jam or Carrot & Ginger chutney anywhere but here!

So if you enjoy authentic homemade English jam, tasty original chutney and award-winning marmalade, then you will find everything you need here. Maybe you like jam on your toast in the morning, maybe you enjoy chutney with your roast pork on Sunday, or maybe you just value local.

Whatever you enjoy, Cranbrook Conserves is the place to find the most delicious, local choice.