Chutney (Large)

Below you have a broad choice of our tasty, wholesome homemade chutneys packed with sublime flavours. Chutneys are wonderfully flexible and should always be in your larder, they make great additions to cheese boards, cold meats, sandwiches and obviously curry. All of our chutneys contain fresh, locally sourced fruit and vegetables and we do not add anything weird like colourings or preservatives at all. Chutney is now commonly found in many food cupboards due to its knack for improving nearly any dish.



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Modern chutney originated in India and became a staple of Anglo-Indian cuisine. It is a thick condiment that traditionally contains heavily seasoned fruit and vegetables with vinegar. Tastes can vary between chutneys from sweet and sticky to chunky and spicy, with something for every occasion.

Our range of chutney includes delicious chutneys based on both traditional, historical recipes as well as family recipes with unexpected twists for adventurous and unique flavours including the bestselling Carrot & Ginger chutney which has been a staple since we began in 2003.