Jam (Large)

Here you will find an extensive selection of our lovely, healthy homemade jams bursting with fruity flavours. Jams are great additions to your larder all year round, they make wonderful cake or pancake fillings, ice-cream toppings, as well as being especially tasty on toast with a cuppa. All of our jams have a high fruit content meaning they contain significantly more fruit than most shop bought jams, likewise we do not add anything weird like colourings or preservatives at all. In our jams you will find fruit, sugar and pectin – which is a safe, natural, vegan thickener originating from apples.



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The earliest known recipe for jam dates back to Ancient Rome in the 1st century AD and it is evident that people have known about the possible potential health benefits of jam for centuries. Jam has been popular in the Middle East, Europe and beyond not just because it is tasty but because of it might be good for you.

Jam is better for you than other toast toppings or sandwich fillings – butter, margarine and chocolate spread increase your cholesterol due to the saturated fats derived from their ingredients, unlike jam which does not contain any animal fats. As part of a balanced diet, it is possible that jam might contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Jam is a much more wholesome choice than than other spreads – it contains pectin which research has shown has some health benefits and due to the high fruit content our jams also have some antioxidant properties which contribute to all round good health.